Result Announcement of The 1st Akihabara Photo Contest! Let’s See Whose Photos will be Shown on the Outdoor Digital Signage MITSUBA VISION?! #AkibaPhotoContest #MitsubaVision

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Result Announcement of the 1st Akihabara Photo Contest!

First of all, thank you for all of your applications to the 1st Akihabara Photo Contest host by AKIHABARA JAPAN!

Winners of the contest are listed below.  Congratulations!
A slideshow of prize-winning works will be broadcast on our big outdoor digital signage MITSUBA VISION in Akihabara for a limited period.





Broadcasting Period

March 20 (Fri.) – April 19 (Sun.), 2020
*Broadcasting time: 8:00-22:00 (4 times an hour)

Application Guidelines

01.The photographer has the copyright of the photo.
02.The host has the prior right to use the photo in its exhibitions, collection books, pamphlets and etc..
The right lasts for 1 or  2 years at most.
The selected photo will be used on newspaper, magazine, television, website and other media as public relations activities for the contest.
The name of the photographer will be added to the photo when such use occurs.
03.In the event that the host use the photo on Internet, the name of the photographer will be added to the photo.
04.The host will not lend the photo to any third party.  In the case of rental, before that the host will explain the use purpose and conditions (paid or unpaid)
to the photographer and obtain his / her agreement on this kind of rental.
05.If taking photos of people, please obtain his / her agreement first.
06.Please note that taking photos of others’ works and make alterations to them might infringe others’ copyrights.