Introduction of a New Standard for Certifying Shops/Services in Akihabara: AKIBA RECOMMEND MARK

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With the purpose of introducing shops/services that can represent Akihabara to tourists from home and abroad, WE, Akihabara Area Tourism Organization has started a certified shops/services system by awarding AKIBA RECOMMEND MARK.


We always hear the following voices from the visitors to Akihabara.

“Where to go”

“How to have fun in Akihabara”

“No idea of what shops are reliable and safe”


Facing these problems, we are dedicated to creating and generalizing a new standard for best selection of destination in Akihabara so as to offer tourists new discoveries during their journey.

Shops/services that meet the requirements above will be awarded AKIBA RECOMMEND MARK.



Firstly, a certified shop/service will be shown as above with a AKIBA RECOMMEND MARK on its page of AKIHABARA JAPAN and Kokosil Akihabara respectively. And then, we will distribute the corresponding sticker to the shop/service for attaching on its signboard or other conspicuous positions from May 23(Wed.).


■Shops/Services Awarded AKIBA RECOMMEND MARK   Vol.1



Kamen Joshis CAFE


Cosplay Studio CROWN

Dospara Akihabara Main Shop

Dospara Akihabara Annex

Nagomi style.café AKIBA

Pfercos Pharmacy AKIBA

LAOX Akihabara Main Store

Sofmap AKIBA 1st shop Subculture & Mobile Branch

Sofmap AKIBA 2nd Shop~Personal Computer~

Sofmap AKIBA 3rd Shop~Mac Collection~

Sofmap AKIBA 4th Shop~Amusement~

Sofmap AKIBA 5th Shop~Second-hand Digital Device~Trade-in Center

Alba Curry Akihabara Branch

Don Quijote Akihabara Branch

Volks Hobby Heaven Akihabara



Have More Fun in Akihabara!



Office of Akihabara Area Tourism Organization

E-Mail: info@akihabara-japan.com