Super Potato Akihabara Branch

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Name Super Potato Akihabara Branch
Category GAME, HOBBY
Address 3-5F Kitabayasi Bldg., 1-11-2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Open/Close 11:00-20:00 (weekdays)
10:00-20:00 (weekends & holidays)
Access 6-min walk from Electric Town Exit, Akihabara Station
Wi-Fi -

Shop Information

5F Retro Amusement Arcade
Retro amusement arcade & nostalgic Dagashi(Japanese snacks) and bottled-Cola. Just taking a break is OK!
Playing game with a good old video game arcade cabinet makes us feel good. There are nostalgic bottled-Cola and Dagashi, as well!

4F Retro Game Floor 2
Walkthrough manuals, Game music and Game items. Also games that does not fit on 3rd floor.
PlayStation/PlayStation2/X-BOX/MSX/GAME BOY/GAME BOY ADVANCE/NINTENDO GAMECUBE/GAME & WATCH/Game Music/Game related publication/Game items/Others

3F Retro Game Floor 1
Floor full of retro game! Overwelming inventory! Rare premier items!
Famicon/Super Nintendo(Super Famicon)/MEGA DRIVE/PC Engine/NEOGEO/SEGA SATURN/Dreamcast/SEGA RETRO/GAME GEAR/WonderSwan/VIRTUAL BOY/Peripheral Equipments/Game items/Others



I was not good at playing games eversince I was child, but I visited here because I was interested in the places where has retro atomosphere and also it is great for instagram!
Inside of the elevator is full of stickers. LOL
So many stickers are on the wall even when I get off from the elevator.
I thought that's even great for my instagram so I took many pictures for my instagram. hahaha
At 3rd and 4th floor, there are a lot of GAME PACK that I was watching when I was small. There are many Joystick game machines as well.
Video game arcade cabinets are on 5th floor and next to that, there are Dagashi(Japanese snacks) coner! I felt so nostalgic~.
I felt a strange feeling when I saw everyone there was returning to elementary school students and watching the street fighter eagerly.
The place was narrow, but there were plenty of things to see here!

Original Language:Korean


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